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Some of our clients come to us with already fairly advanced SEO strategies. Others haven't even thought about SEO yet, and it's clear their web designers didn't either. No matter the sophistication of the website and SEO work already done, we want to make sure we approach each project not just to help improve a few things, but to provide the best opportunity for success. Our strategic, analytical approach to keyword analysis helps maximize the effectiveness of SEO efforts.
Keyword Research

Sophisticated keyword research and strategy is what separates the good SEO firms from the great ones. Developing an SEO campaign is more than just finding out what customers are searching for: keyword competition, value, and relevancy are also very important. Based on a client's current search engine rankings, a complete analysis of keyword opportunities, and their budget, we develop a comprehensive plan with obtainable short, mid, and long-term goals. Targeted keywords are tracked continuously, and when advantageous, the strategy is refined and updated as new opportunities are presented.

New client websites typically undergo a complete audit, which analyzes keywords, competition, site architecture, current rankings, and link strategies. We focus on how our client's websites are built and report on the strength of website elements with regards to how search engines view and index websites. At the conclusion of our site audit, we produce a document of suggestions to developers (and are available to execute changes ourselves if desired), which will result in a more thorough representation of a website's content and value to search engine ranking algorithms.


A key component to optimization is enabling search engines to "read" a comprehensive version of what is on a website. We help search engines assign importance to content and understand the value provided to users. And we make sure our client's web presences offer user value that drives targeted, profitable traffic.

Site Architecture

The structure of your website, as presented both to users and search engines, is an important factor in search rankings. From internal linking to keyword strategies, we ensure search engines can successfully index a website's content and assign significance to the content on each page.

Media Content Targeting

It is important to optimize for "unreadable" content. We optimize the presentation of advanced coding and media techniques to search engines so they can crawl your website for content without detracting from the use of effective media.

Site Performance

Part of our analysis includes observing on-page usability and effectiveness metrics, providing suggestions and improvements for website performance which not only increases engagement and conversion rates, but will also prove to have positive effects on search engine rankings. In additional to user metrics, we also analyze on-page technical performance measures like quality of coding (reducing errors), load time, and cross-browser issues.

Content Development

We advise on advanced content optimization, from display and organization to keyword usage, internal linking, and semantically related keywords. Using our reporting tools where we identify opportunities, we recommend content development topics to clients (and in some cases produce the content for clients), which helps expand the value of our clients' websites and target additional relevant customers.


A lot of SEO professionals focus on the constant changes to the algorithm and adjust their strategies constantly. While we do keep a careful eye on ranking algorithms, we also believe that we need to concentrate on what search engines want to rank high, not what is currently ranking well. In this way, instead of constantly "chasing" rankings we build quality SEO presences that provide solid fundamentals for long-term SEO results.
Website Authority

Increasing the trust and authority of a domain is accomplished by creating a useful web presence throughout the web, building a network of citations and links recommending your website content. We consult with in-house marketers on how to increase website authority, produce the right content, and utilize professional networks and partnerships to improve fundamental website trust and authority.
Public Relations

We provide consulting services regarding the use of online press release coverage and social media to generate public interest and grow a website' presence. Social media will continue to grow as an influencer in search engine rankings, so we work with our clients to maximize the benefits of maintaining an active presence on social media networks, as well as release interesting press releases that generate interest in the product or brand.


We don't just track a few keywords, lock in to them, and turn our backs to everything else. We monitor a large number of keywords and shift our focus based on changes in rankings, keyword performance (value generated per visitor), and opportunities that arise based on the results of the execution of our SEO strategy.

Our monthly reports provide a comprehensive look at the key performance metrics in SEO campaigns. While many SEO companies focus on visitors and rankings, we take the analysis a lot further. Not only do we look at referrals and rankings, we also look at key performance indicators for keyword segments, monitor related keyword rankings, measure brand strength, and calculate value metrics from organic search activity.

The web is constantly changing. Ranking algorithms shift, competition changes, new trends emerge, and we gain more information on keyword effectiveness. Based on how the search engine environment changes, we refine your strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.
Importance of Active Analysis

The comprehensive nature of our reporting allows us to be flexible and opportunistic when it comes to taking advantage of constantly changing circumstances. Unlike more common SEO practices without the easy ability to change course, we take a broad look at opportunities and do whatever we can to maximize the effectiveness of our client's SEO efforts.


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