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PPC isn't a media buy. It's a journey.

LDM is a boutique digital marketing agency focused on blending creative marketing strategies with quantitative analysis to deliver fantastic results for clients.



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Define Goals & Success Metrics
Create Flexible, Measurable Campaigns
Report & Refine


We work with our clients to understand their goals, then define success metrics based on these goals to maximize the effectiveness of the campaigns we create. KPI events will be assigned values to help evaluate campaign effectiveness. We strive to encompass total value gains through these metrics.



We create flexible campaigns to fit the needs and goals of each client. Once KPI's are defined we develop campaign designed to rapidly collect data across a multitude of consumer segments. By breaking down targeting options during campaign setup, it allows us to monitor a large number of consumer segments, each of which can be individually catered to and optimized for to maximize ROI.
Importance of Flexible, Measurable Setups

Effective campaign setup is as much an art as it is a science. Our strategic campaign development provides a wealth of targeting capabilities and optimization options which allows us to stretch the value of every dollar invested in paid search and media campaigns. Our strategic approach also allows us to scale account spending up or down fluidly while maximizing ROI.


The greatest strength of our campaign creation process is its ability to be quickly and efficiently optimized. Collecting data on highly targeted consumer segments allows us to continually shift the spending budget towards higher performing users, discover new opportunities, improve ad copy, target effective landing pages, and eliminate wasteful spending.


Our monthly reports provide a comprehensive look at linking the key performance metrics to pay-per-click spending. These reports provide a snapshot of each campaign's results. From these, we make optimization adjustments and allocate marketing budgets to capitalize on areas of opportunity.

At LDM, we prefer to be viewed as your marketing partner, not a service provider. We're happy to provide free consultations to discuss your marketing needs, challenges, and goals. If we're a good fit for your needs and think we can produce value for your online presence, we'll get started!


Need a one-time audit or quarterly report? We can do that.


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LIGHTRX – PPC for Lead Generation – Optimizing & Scaling

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