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Once a client's analytics have been analyzed and we've identified web elements with the most improvement potential, we develop design alternatives. Rather than just picking an idea everyone likes, we say "That might work: let's test it." This more scientific approach ensures we find the most effective solution.


We use A/B testing to optimize independent web elements. This could be a simple test such as button text or a headline, or something more complex like completely different landing page designs. Typically, A/B tests are used first on drastic layout changes to determine the most effective overall design.


Multivariate testing is used when a test needs to find the "best combination" of web elements. With multivariate testing, we are able to simultaneously test the relationship of variables such as headlines, images, offers, and prices to find out which combination is most effective, and how much each element affects performance.


What good are A/B and multivariate tests without the results? We'll show you the statistical testing process and report on performance as the results become significant. Using insight gathered from the performance tests, we'll also suggest follow-up testing that may continue performance improvements.


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