TOP5 – Content & SEO Strategy for Lead Generation

Our client provides online lead generation in the secondhand diamonds industry. After launching two new websites, they wanted a partner who could help build long-term success for their website, helping generate organic traffic using strategies that would be resilient to algorithm updates while providing targeted traffic. They hired us to manage one of their websites, while selecting an overseas provider for their other website.

This case study details our approach to the project, the results, and how they compared with the performance of the overseas SEO company.



Top 5 Cash for Diamonds


Without getting into too much depth on our strategy, it focuses on providing high-quality content both on our site and on industry/niche websites that could benefit from our content. We created industry information hubs, a few images/infographics, interacted a bit in social media, and acquired guest placements. On top of those higher quality activities, we did some work on basic directory submissions in our area and niche, built some high-quality web 2.0’s, and did some high-quality commenting (not the bulk stuff).




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The first 6 months, the difference in performance between our elbow grease strategy and the company from Asia was minimal. Our site ended up bringing in 807 visitors to their 760. Not a number I’d be able to justify our higher rates based on.

The majority of their traffic came from a handful of keywords, while ours represented more diversity. Besides the handful of keywords they were targeting, the long-tail and other phrases that we were targeting weren’t even being ranked for. They were clearly targeting a hand-selected number and hitting them hard.

Our traffic was more diverse, and we were ranking on every keyword we had selected. Certainly not on the first page, but the rankings were there, representing future value as we continued on with our SEO strategy. At this point, the progress looked good and we were optimistic for growth. Which brings us to months 7-10 (the graph below shows 5-10).

Month 9 showed solid growth, but in month 10 we really had our breakthrough. At the same time, the site we were competing against took a hit. When you take shortcuts in SEO, eventually it comes back to bite you. I don’t know if it’s going to be tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. But if all your links look to be low quality, Google will figure it out.

Early in June, their site took a hit, and the traffic shown below reflects it. Estimated traffic for July will be in the 120 range.

Our website, on the other hand, saw some key rankings jump in early June, with continuous improvement on a weekly basis since then. Traffic for July is projected to break 1000 visitors. Mixing our short-term strategy of easier keyword targets with the higher-reward, long-term keyword strategies, we were able to build traffic, maintain rankings, and experience long-term success.

Not only have our rankings help their positions and continued to climb, the nature of our long-term strategy has us poised to continue the trend of increased traffic. Our short-term goal is to drive profitable traffic on easier keyword targets while keeping an eye on long-term goals of achieving rankings on more difficult keywords. Now that we’re beginning to rank on some more competitive keywords, we have even more in our sights, while the Indian firm is still focusing on regaining rankings for a few of the keywords they were targeting initially.


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